Kingdom : what to expect from season 2 ? [SPOILERS]

Nice surprise of this beginning of the year, the original production of the Korean Netflix has succeeded in its goal to dust off the series of the undead. After an inaugural season acclaimed, we reserve the season 2 already commissioned ? A CONFRONTATION of TITANIC The first season of this series produced by Kim Seong-Hun (Tunnel) leaves us on our hunger with a huge cliffhanger. The crown prince Chang Lee (Ju Ji-hoon) ordered his troops to protect the kingdom of Sangju against the attacks of the members of the government enemies, Cho-Hak Ju and his minions, but also of possible appearances of zombies. The final episode ends before the beginning of this battle in the early morning, leaving all the protagonists in a climate of maximum voltage. If the battle looks epic, it must not be forgotten that a third camp is going to join the battle to detonate the rate of hemoglobin : the zombies. Through a staged brilliant aesthetic haunting, one understands thanks to the sudden movements of the trees of the forest, and the grunting ceaseless infected persons intend to make only a mouthful of each human being crossed. Netflix A CURE for The INFECTION ? If the zombies can take part in combat in the middle of the day, it is because the healer is Seo-bi (Doona Bae) understands that this is not the sun which prevents them from being awake in the day but the temperature. Since the beginning of the contamination, the crown prince and his companions in misfortune thought incorrectly that the infected, to the image of vampires, were woken up that night to attack and hid the sun to sleep in the day. This disturbing discovery darkens the discovery of the plant of resurrection in the Valley of the Ice that according to Seo-bi could be the source of a remedy against the infection. Remains to be seen whether the young woman will be able to make a preventive vaccine, or if the plant will cure all infected persons, including the King. Netflix is A POWER UPSET In the first season, it is understood as a vast conspiracy hanging over the government since the death of the King to take his place. This is why the crown prince has been hunted and falsely accused of high treason. We learn that the King has been transformed into a zombie thanks to the plant of resurrection. He has since kept and fed with human flesh in the meantime. In spite of the invasion of zombies, corrupt politicians do not yet seem to be interested in people and starvation and not have a single objective : to take the place of the King, which eventually would lead to their loss. But this is not all, a few dark secrets of the Queen have also been revealed. The latter has staged a fake pregnancy, and account steal a baby from a pregnant women of her court to make the heir – the prince Chang Lee being ousted for the moment. But this last has not said its last word and it intends to save his people. This medieval era of the Joseon dynasty, chronicled by writer Kim Eun-hee, according to its digital COMICS The Kingdom of The Gods, reveals without pity and the second season should hopefully explore more of the political strategies while providing blood baths delicious between zombies and humans.

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