Bracelets Red face to Kepler(s) : who won the match of the hearings ?

After a beautiful launch last Monday, the series of France 2 “johannes Kepler(s)” with Marc Lavoine faced the great comeback of ‘Bangles Red” on TF1. Who won this first round of hearings ? TF1 / Jean-philippe BALTEL / EVS / FTV Beautiful success for the return of the Bracelets Red on TF1 on Monday evening. 5 million viewers were the appointment of the first two episodes of season 2, or 23.3% of the public overall and 32.5% of FRDA-50 (women responsible for purchases of less than 50 years). A beautiful performance for one of the best series on the French time. Season 1 had attracted 5.5 million curious for comparison. In front, Kepler(s) has not managed to repeat the good score of its launch last week. The series of France 2 with Marc Lavoine has lost not less than 1.3 million viewers a week, and 6.3% ! On average, the score is 3.3 million, 14.4% on the public overall, 9% of FRDA-50. Our podcast on season 2 Bracelets Red in the company of the creative Marie Roussin :

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