Nicky Larson : a sequel is possible ?

The team of Philippe Lacheau she thinks already to a suite for “Nicky Larson and the scent of Cupid.” The answer is yes, but on one condition… Sony Pictures Releasing France The adaptation of Nicky Larson by the band Philippe Lacheau is the first of a series of movies ? After this first phase, the possibilities are numerous for a follow up to this bet. “There’s a lot of ideas because the original work is very rich, has entrusted us with Philippe Lacheau in an interview at the Festival of comedy of Alpe d’huez last January. It was full of things that we’d like to do. But it does not put too seriously because it is the public who will decide.” On Twitter, Philippe Lacheau has rightly responded to the many messages of his audience, especially about a possible sequel : “Thank you for all your messages of love… I’m excited 😪 we also would like to make a number 2 but for that, we need to send all of your buddies 🤞🏻” Thank you for all your messages of love… I’m excited 😪 we also would like to make a number 2 but for that, we need to send all of your buddies 🤞🏻— PhilippeLacheau Fifi (@PhilippeLacheau) February 7, 2019 Always to our micro, Philippe Lacheau, said : “This film is a true bet. There has not been a lot of adaptations of manga in France, it is a comedy with a lot of action, romance… A thing a bit of a hybrid. So if people cling to and say, ‘ah this is cool, we would love to see other’, we will be with great pleasure that we will. So it’s really up to the public to decide.” “We took so much fun making the movie, and me the role of Laura, which was a gift,” adds Elodie Fontan. I took a crazy fun, and I never thought of myself as broken a character as this one. If you have the chance to do a two, I don’t even look at the scenario, I sign direct. We dreamed of doing a sequel, really. But actually, it will depend on the public.” In the columns of the First , Philippe Lacheau was clear that he had a possible idea of “crossover that [they] would be much fun. We’ll see. We don’t want to fuck the surprise, but those who are familiar with the work of Tsukasa Hōjō will perhaps guess. It is a dream huh, but it would be a big thrill !”. According to the First, it could be a crossover with Cat’s Eyes : “Nicky Larson could therefore potentially crossing the path of the sisters Pounding, who are holding a coffee during the day and transform into thieves in the night.” So watch out for a potential sequel, provided that the public make of this Nicky Larson a success at the box office. One thing is for sure : the next project of the band to Fifi will be around Tarek Boudali. Met at Alpe d’huez, the latter we actually entrusted to write currently working on his second feature film after Wife me my friend. If the film’s title and the synopsis are for now kept secret, we know that there will be a police comedy, which has its starting point in the suburbs. The plot takes place primarily in Paris, and a small party in Las Vegas. Tarek Boudali will take the lead role of a cop “broken arm”, and is to avail himself of Philippe Lacheau, Elodie Fontan and Julien Arruti, also in roles of police officers. Tarek Boudali co-wrote the screenplay with Pierre Dudan (also co-writer of Nicky Larson and Wife me my friend) and Grégory Boutboul (co-writer of the Friends of the public). The shooting should start at the end of the summer 2019.

This police comedy, will be produced by Axel Films, a company producing Nicky Larson and the films of the band to Lacheau since its inception. For the record, Marry me my friend had been the 5th biggest French success of 2017, with nearly 2.5 million admissions recorded. Nicky Larson and the scent of Cupid : our meeting with Philippe Lacheau Nicky Larson and the perfume of Eros : Interview Philippe Lacheau